Branding & Graphic Design

BSweet is a family owned cafe restaurant and bakery located in La Cala de Mijas, Málaga. They were previously working for a chain restaurant but decided to create their own business and brand. This area is very popular among tourists, so they wanted a unique concept that would attract any type of customers,

They wanted a warm, fun and recognisable style that would portray a unique small business.


Among breakfast and lunch dishes, BSweet offers a wide range of American style pancakes, each with many yummy ingredients.
In order to have an appealing menu and help the customers visualise the dishes better, I created illustrations of each pancake type, as well as waffles and milkshakes. These illustrations are part of the brand as a fun and memorable element that becomes part of the unique experience in BSweet.

For the bakery, I designed a wrapping paper and sticker for the clients to bring back home. To keep the branding cohesive, I also prepared a template for the bakery displays. 

Social Media promotion was very important for the opening of Sweet, so I created several Instagram Stories and Post templates ready to be used on any occasion, that would create a cohesive brand look.