Digital Design

As a digital designer, my role included designing emails, website assets, promotional images, while adapting the company’s creative view and style to the Japanese market and customers while maintaining a consistent with the established branding style.

Creation of weekly Newsletter email layouts and designs for both Womenswear and Menswear, as well as Sale promotional emails, Campaign and Special Events emails throughout the year.

For the launch of MATCHESFASHION’s LINE account (Japan’s most used messaging app), I created a series of banners and promotional content.

Website sale banners

Design of a new marble texture for the identity of MATCHESFASHION, used for website sale banners and promotional assets. I created several colour schemes to use on different Holiday Sales and add variety to the brand.

Japanese affiliate banners

Affiliates form a big part of marketing and promotional offers, specially in foreign markets such as Japan. I created new and refreshing banner designs that resonated with an oriental customer profile, while still maintaining the established visual identity.